Oct 212010

We came, we did Go-Ride, we went away.  Read about our antics the first time round here.

And then they asked us back.  We were pleased that we’d done enough to merit being asked back but had reservations about what we could do with 22 children in a small playground.

We were also part of their award winning school travel plan which you can see here.  Their plan was the best school travel plan out of 8 London boroughs, beating schools in Wandsworth, Lambeth and Kingston amongst others.  We are very proud to have been involved in their achievement and hope we will be involved in their travel plan in the future.

Our sessions are all available below:

Session 1 – with only one set of limbo poles, one group did limbo and the other did bottle pass.

Session 2 – We switched this week – ‘Limbo!  Limbo!  Lower!  Lower!’

Session 3 – It rained.  Not so many this week but we had more fun with more space.  One big group and competitions.

Session 4 – The yr 4s were away, so another smaller group and more competitions.  A lovely afternoon, almost like summer.

Session 5 – The big ride, out to Marble Hill, along the towpath and back to the school.

Thanks again to St Marys for having us, we hope to see you after Easter.

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