Oct 262010

A sunny half term morning, chilly and frosty.  We set up our activities: bike polo, maintenance and Go-Ride games and skills.  And we waited for people to turn up.  We had 15 takers in the end, a respectable number and easy to control and shift from session to session.  Sadly, not everyone got a go at bike polo…

Bike Polo:

Not as easy as it looks!

But we’ll give it a try…

Some people are naturals…


Just twiddle this bit and it’ll all be fine…

See, told you it would be fine.  George can you fix this for me?

Games, including The Limbo!

Cover those brakes!

It was a beautiful day and instructors and participants all had a great morning.  We’re hoping to return for a regular Saturday bike club.

The Saturday bike club is now in full swing!  Turn up at Richmond Park Academy at 13:15 on Saturday afternoon.  Parents/guardian need to fill in a permission slip for the child’s first visit, once that’ done they can leave their child to have fun with their bikes.

We’ll be running the club until the end of spring term, check the calendar on the right to see the dates.  We miss out two weeks for half term but there will be a half term session.  Hope to see you there!

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