Oct 292010

Here we are, in all our glory…


Jonathan is the force behind the turn of the hub, it’s his organisation that means the rest of them turn up and help out.


Melissa is the spokes of the hub, without her, there wouldn’t be much wheel to turn.


George is the one who came up with the idea of a mobile bike club, so it’s all his fault.  He’s also our mechanic.



Mike does indeed ride a Raleigh and an Elswick and a Holdsworth and a Claud Butler and a Rudge and a BSA and almost every make of bike that doesn’t have disc brakes.


Paul likes riding his bike when he’s not teaching cycling safety brilliantly.  Sadly, Paul has ridden his last ride and taught his last lesson.  We miss him.


Graham is very continental.  He knows the Danish word for ‘No’.


Sally loves to work with us.  We love to work with Sally.  Everyone wins.


Jim comes along and doesn’t take any nonsense.  We like that.


Nick has lots of time for us but we’d like him to turn up more often as he is so good at what he does.


James is bike polo for us.  So many good times, so much good cycling.


David comes along when he can and we go and visit him when he needs us.



We’ve recently been awarded a certificate and we thought you’d like to see it, so here it is…

Certificate from the London Cycling Campaign

Well done team!

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