Oct 212010

We were invited to help the 3rd Hampton Hill Scout group to earn their cycling badge.

Most of us had never been scouts or our scouting adventures were so far in the distant past that we couldn’t remember when we should dyb and when we should dob.

As it turned out, we didn’t have to do either, those phrases haven’t been in use for over 40 years and we found a group of energetic and keen young people, ready to listen to us teach them about punctures, gears, brakes and the highway code.  They showed they already had some good knowledge of bike handling when we took them outside for some bike handling skills.  We set them off in teams and their competitive spirit soon overcame them.  We had fun (except when it rained) trying to set up a race course in the grass triangle outside the scout hall.  Best of all was the route finding, cyclists have an affinity for maps as do scouts, so our joint map reading was fun for all.

The badge ended with in a ride to Walton Firs scout camp.  Here is the route of our two leg journey…



Here are some pictures…

Setting Off

On Our Way

A Hill

Almost There!

The End! (of the first day!)

The Second Day

We Did It!

The weather on the second day was cloudless, so a bit chilly but the day soon warmed up and we arrived back in glorious sunshine.  All in all a great weekend, the culmination of their cycling badge and all who took part richly deserved it.  Thanks for all the fun and keep cycling, scouts!

Some feedback from the scout leaders:

“Once again on behalf of the entire leadership, a massive thanks for all that you, Melissa and rest of your team have done for us.  We are very grateful.  The entire programme has been a great success and last weekend’s ride out was the perfect finale.  Thank you.”

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