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The sessions are free but donations are gratefully received. They keep the workshops free and help pay for parts and tools. There is no need to book or join a club, the sessions are open to all.  Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  We sometimes get very busy, so try and attend as close to the start as you can.
Bring your bike and any bits you want to fit and our mechanics will show you how to maintain your bike yourself. We bring the tools and the expertise, you bring the bike and the enthusiasm.
Please get in touch via our ‘Contact Us‘ page if you have any questions.

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The Team

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Oct 292010

Here we are, in all our glory…


Jonathan is the force behind the turn of the hub, it’s his organisation that means the rest of them turn up and help out.


Melissa is the spokes of the hub, without her, there wouldn’t be much wheel to turn.


George is the one who came up with the idea of a mobile bike club, so it’s all his fault.  He’s also our mechanic.



Mike does indeed ride a Raleigh and an Elswick and a Holdsworth and a Claud Butler and a Rudge and a BSA and almost every make of bike that doesn’t have disc brakes.


Paul likes riding his bike when he’s not teaching cycling safety brilliantly.  Sadly, Paul has ridden his last ride and taught his last lesson.  We miss him.


Graham is very continental.  He knows the Danish word for ‘No’.


Sally loves to work with us.  We love to work with Sally.  Everyone wins.


Jim comes along and doesn’t take any nonsense.  We like that.


Nick has lots of time for us but we’d like him to turn up more often as he is so good at what he does.


James is bike polo for us.  So many good times, so much good cycling.


David comes along when he can and we go and visit him when he needs us.



We’ve recently been awarded a certificate and we thought you’d like to see it, so here it is…

Certificate from the London Cycling Campaign

Well done team!

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Oct 262010

Last year, Richmond Cycling Campaign were asked to help with the Orleans Park bike club.  We did our best and the participants did lots of cycling stuff – riding with British Champions, being on tv, playing bike polo, doing maintenance, going on rides and lots more.  This is where The Turning Hub came from – we decided to become a mobile club, rather than being stuck in one school.  And so, the time has come to return to the place where we started.  The initial meeting didin’t have a huge turnout but from small things do big  things grow.

The workshop at the school will help enormously in the winter months but we’ve been told not to concentrate on maintenance, they want some other things as well!

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Oct 262010

A sunny half term morning, chilly and frosty.  We set up our activities: bike polo, maintenance and Go-Ride games and skills.  And we waited for people to turn up.  We had 15 takers in the end, a respectable number and easy to control and shift from session to session.  Sadly, not everyone got a go at bike polo…

Bike Polo:

Not as easy as it looks!

But we’ll give it a try…

Some people are naturals…


Just twiddle this bit and it’ll all be fine…

See, told you it would be fine.  George can you fix this for me?

Games, including The Limbo!

Cover those brakes!

It was a beautiful day and instructors and participants all had a great morning.  We’re hoping to return for a regular Saturday bike club.

The Saturday bike club is now in full swing!  Turn up at Richmond Park Academy at 13:15 on Saturday afternoon.  Parents/guardian need to fill in a permission slip for the child’s first visit, once that’ done they can leave their child to have fun with their bikes.

We’ll be running the club until the end of spring term, check the calendar on the right to see the dates.  We miss out two weeks for half term but there will be a half term session.  Hope to see you there!

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Oct 262010

A skater’s paradise, but the skate park is due to be refurbished.  We’re starting a small recycling project and running a weekly Dr Bike at the KCafe.  We also watch the skaters do their thing on the temporary ramps that are there.  Come down, get your bike checked over and watch the skaters and bladers.

We’ve been lucky so far, weather has been good (apart from a brief shower during the first session) so we have been outside helping the public with their bikes, checking over the donated bikes and setting them up to run perfectly…

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Oct 262010

Bike Polo!  Meeting with another project and helping them with something a bit different was a great adventure.  This was made even more interesting for me as both my mother and sister had been to this school.  It was my first visit and I couldn’t help but think of what they did at the school and what it would have looked like in their days.  Anyway, nostalgia aside, the girls were equally frustrated, exhilarated, scared and competitive.  There were some very good players (not that I know much, but our polo master James had good things to say about their skills) and some great matches.  No pictures, sorry.

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Oct 262010

SPEAR have been threatening to start a bike project with Richmond Cycling Campaign ever since one of their number turned up for one of our rides.  Another chance encounter with a former colleague at Richmond May Fair led to an invitation to work at their hostel, maintaining the new bikes they got from the Giant shop in Twickenham and going on rides round Richmond Park, but mainly doing lots of skids.  I swear, one was about 4 or 5 metres long, it was sick.

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Oct 262010

The school were keen for us to come along.  We set off and had a good first maintenance session.  But this was summer term and all the boys who had shown an interest had work experience or exams or some other reason not to come.  So we ended up a small bunch of younger boys, doing our Go-Ride stuff and finding out that there are some quite fast young boys around.  We needed a few more participants to make these really good visits.  Still, dragging the trailer up the hill to the school was good training for the legs…

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Oct 262010

After a chance meeting at the opening of the new cafe in Kneller Gardens, we went along to the Edgar Road estate and set up a drop-in maintenance session every other week.  this proved hugely successful – we were overrun!  This was great and we wanted to tap into this enthusiaism.  So with the help of the Richmond Housing Partnership workers, the project grew week on week.  We got some abandoned bikes and started to make them roadworthy.

Sadly, due to various circumstances, we’ve had to curtail our workshops but hope to be back in a few weeks or in the new year to pick up the bike refurbishment and to see if it can grow into a self sustaining project.

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Oct 262010

We were invited to take part in a very special project at Clarendon School.  As part of their school day, 6 students at Clarendon are being put through an AQA bike maintenance certificate.  When they’ve finished, they’ll be helping members of the public with their bikes and perhaps helping those further afield.

We’ve had to orgnaise a structure for the course and we are delivering a full day’s maintenance classes for the school.  We are very pleased to be part of this project and will do as much as we can to make sure it continues and we are part of it.

The students are progressing well and have almost compelted all the criteris for the course.  With a few more weeks to study, they will have plenty of chance to practise their new skills.  Here’s ashot of their workshop which is still not quite finished…

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